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5Rhythms workshop with Erik Iversen

Rome 2023 May 26/28

In the world, we often go through our days and our lives with our awareness focused primarily on our own separateness. Our minds are occupied by our individual responsibilities and ambitions; and our connection to our bodies is tenuous or inconsistent.
We rarely enjoy the feeling of being together with others; in a unified field within the flow of life.
In this workshop, our focus will be on exploring and learning how to feel and recognize the unified field of our own bodies, as we move and play within the unified field of a group.
Through conscious movement, we’ll discover new connections between the different parts of our bodies; and learn how to move as one dancing body.
Next, we’ll experience how to expand our awareness out to the group as a whole, without loosing touch with ourselves. We’ll bridge the two using our breath and expanded proprioception, allowing our attention to flow seamlessly from ourselves, to the group, and back, in a loop.
When we loop in this way, while dancing together, we create a shared field of individual expression that naturally and easily becomes a playground for connection and creative collaboration. The feeling of the unified field is palpable, inspiring and deeply nourishing.

The workshop is a Waves Level; it counts as a weekend Waves Level prerequisite for the 5R teacher training.

Erik Iversen is a founding member of the 5Rhythms worldwide community, he cofound and produced the 1st teacher training and he has been teaching in it. He started with Gabrielle Roth in 1981 and became one of her first workshop producers out of Montreal in the 1980’s. He integrated the 5Rhythms with his experience and knowledge gained in thousands of sessions of one on one bodywork that has been his practice for 40 years along with the 5Rhythms. A 2015 graduate of the Leadership and Transformation training at the Hendricks institute in 2020 Erik created the Somatomy™ training that brings together his personal and professional journey towards presence.

“Erik’s presence is a delight, very walking each other home. This isn’t just an event—it can be a discovery blueprint for lifelong delight.
Erik is a brilliant and catalytic facilitator, highly recommend his work” Katie Hendricks

“Erik is a brilliant , sensitive, informed and inspired healer. His hands listen deeply and he sees the body with tender loving truth" Gabrielle Roth


Istituto Paritario Pio IX La Salle Aventino
Largo Arrigo VII, 7, Roma
(Underground station: "Circo Massimo", trains: "Stazione Ostiense")


Friday 26 May 20/22,30
Saturday 27 May 14/19
Sunday 28 May 10/16


€ 30 friday class only
€ 195 full workshop early booking before april the 25th
€ 220 full workshop after april the 25th
+ € 15 mandatory membership card ACSE asd Spazio Interiore

Discounts for 5R teachers, space holders and crew

To book

Ask for the application form via email o whatsapp and send € 80 deposit

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Unicredit - Branch: Roma Non Profit Address: Via Lata 4 Roma
Account holder: Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Spazio Interiore
Iban: IT63S0200803284000104905854

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Jyoti +39 3401587793

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