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"The E Map"
5Rhythms Heartbeat workshop with Alex Mackay
2023 October 13/15 

In the season of changing colours on the trees, knowing we too are part of nature, we will invite our ever changing feelings to lead our creative practice. Tracking, welcoming and following our feelings through the 5Rhythms maps is a way to embody the heart

In the "E map", we experience our feelings and how they get stuck or move through the body. We express our emotions with the fluent language of movement. 
We explore the power and subtlety of emotional energy and how to release the echoes of the past. We expand into a full palette of creativity, being our heartfelt selves in every changing moment. We examine the living truth of our feelings in motion and how each one can lead us towards compassion.

About Alex

I love my work. I live in beautiful West Wales but I'm lucky to also teach internationally.
I'm the first teacher after Gabrielle Roth and Jonathan Horan to offer the archetypal workshop 'God, Sex & the Body'.
I enjoy mentoring people studying and offering the 5Rhythms maps at all the levels I teach.
My teaching is spacious and embodied, full of spirit, depth and creativity. I have a lot of energy and love to dance with the group.

She opens her heart into her feet
She plays the mandolin with her teeth
She rides the raven through the winds
She shelters in the moment
She calls and calls and calls
They hear her.
Hilary Kneale , UK

Teacher extraordinaire. Spinning her Raven magic. Kickass playlists. Building & holding a playful and sacred safe container. Storyteller. Bringing infectious laughter. Giving. She’d give you the wings off her back and the little push you needed to fly.
Mary Lloyd, Canada


Istituto Paritario Pio IX La Salle Aventino
Largo Arrigo VII, 7, Roma (Underground station: "Circo Massimo", trains: "Stazione Ostiense")


Friday 8pm/ 10,30 pm
Saturday 12 to 7 pm
Sunday 12 to 6 pm


€ 150 before August 13
€ 180 before September the 22
€ 200 standard price
€ 30 optional to support dancers that may need
€ 25 Friday class only 
Association Membership Card € 15 valid till august the 31

Crew, 5Rhytms teachers, 5Rhytms spaceholders and unemployed discounted rate are available on request.

To register

Ask via email or whatsapp the application form to fill in
pay € 50 deposit 
To complete the payment bank transfer in the week before the beginning of the workshop

Bank details

Unicredit - Branch: Roma Non Profit Address: Via Lata 4 Roma
Account holder: Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Spazio Interiore
Iban: IT63S0200803284000104905854
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Info & applications

Jyoti +39 3401587793

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