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CHRYSALIS - Winter Retreat with Alex Mackay


Venue: "Casa Per Seminari i 3 Santi" - Montespertoli, in the Province of Florence - Tuscany

"Seeking my true nature,
I found myself in darkness,
but as I turned to look around,
coloured light appeared and left a trail following my movement.
Delighted, I danced in that eternal moment,
watching bright colours light up and fade,
or turn into butterflies and take off.."

We all need a time to slow down and be nourished by some Stillness, feeling safe at a time of change and finding peace in the winter, our creative spirit born from that velvet darkness.
Each with our own gifts to discover and to value, we will open the maps of Gabrielle Roth's 5Rhythms and let our unique nature take flight through the movement and imagination. Including the dances of gratitude, awakening and transformation

5 Rhythms is a movement practice that is a catalyst for creativity, change and healing. It was founded by Gabrielle Roth and has grown into a worldwide passionate community of free spirits. I was lucky to find Gabrielle as a teacher when I was 22, and fell into the practice like falling in love. Her wisdom, irreverent humor, love and curiosity gave me all I needed to follow my path.

For teacher training candidates: this workshop is valid as 18 hours Waves practice.

Starting on January 4th
Ending on January 7th with lunch
Teaching in English with Italian translation.

IBAN: IT63S0200803284000104905854
Bank: Unicredit - Branch: Roma Non Profit
Account holder: Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Spazio Interiore


Info and booking:
Jyoti de Gregorio - 3401587793
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