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5Rhythms open class with Silvija Tomcik

Rome, Friday 5 May 2017

Theme of this open 5Rhythms Waves class is “Moving center”. A place in our physical body, a little bit below our belly button, a home for our life energy. How do we move when movement arises from that place? How can we follow our moving center? How do we meet each other belly to belly, hara to hara?
Welcome to this exploration, you have all what is needed – body, belly, breath.
“When we are connected to our center, we are each a dancing temple of infinite possibilities… a time to empty out what is in the way of feeling complete and to begin our next cycle consciously, with a deeper sense of alignment with the movements and changes in our life. Dance hard, deep and stay open to the mystery.”
Gabrielle Roth

No previous 5Rhythms practice is requested: this class is open to everyone.

Language: English (with Italian translation).

For teacher training candidates: this class is valid as 2.5 hours Waves practice.

“Stay in the center, and you will be ready to move in any direction.” - Alan W. Watts


Via di Santa Prisca 8, Roma
(Underground station: "Circo Massimo", trains: "Stazione Ostiense")

Times: dalle 20,00 alle 22,30


25 € 5 Rythms class

€ 5 membership card valid until 31/12/2017

Info and booking: Jyoti de Gregorio, tel. 3401587793

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